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The Hunchback Assignments series by Arthur G Slade

The Hunchback Assignments - Arthur Slade

Read by Tiffany: Well written, the adventure rolls along quickly and easy to follow. Some parts very much 'boys-own-adventure', some parts steampunk fun. Complex enough that there is plenty to develop as the series goes on, interesting characters that intrigue the reader, mysteries to be solved. 

Quasimodo's character arc is very well written - trained from a baby for the preservation of the British Empire, indoctrinated that the French are enemies, how will he reconcile his French birth?

Very enjoyable read. I would happily recommend for ages 10-14 - there is nothing racy here and although the two female spies are intrigued by and grow in fondness for Quasimodo, there is no romance per se.


There are four books in the Hunchback Assignments series: 

1. The Hunchback Assignments
2. The Dark Deeps 
3. Empire of Ruins 
4. Island of Doom