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Echo Burning and Without Fail both by Lee Child

Echo Burning and Without Fail - Lee Child

Read by Melissa: I quite enjoy the Jack Reacher novels - easy reading, not too graphic and he's quite a clinical character, no nonsense, just gets the job done (reminds me a bit of the Bourne series)


I hadn't read any Lee Child for a while, so thought it was time to re-visit. Echo Burning was not all that interesting - Reacher gets picked up by a damsel in distress who is concerned that her husband (who beats her) is getting out of jail early and is looking for someone to take him out. Not quite in the same vein as the other Reacher books, it seemed to lack...something.


Without Fail was much more 'classic' Reacher - he gets picked up by the Secret Service to help with their protection of the Vice President (I mean, what Government agency wouldn't pick up an ex-Military policeman who hasn't done anything for the last 3 years except drift aimlessly around the USA??).Anyway, a lot more action and a more interesting storyline than Echo Burning- although there is always way too much description about the guns.