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Septimus Heap series (pt 2): Queste; Syren; Darke; Fyre by Angie Sage

Septimus Heap series: Queste; Syren; Darke; Fyre - Angie Sage

Read by Tiffany: Queste is a slightly darker tale than previous volumes, but still a straightforward adventure with our favourite characters. Syren continues the adventurous tale, full of fun, intrigue, wizards, pirates, ghosts, double-crossing, friendships and a dragon – simple, easy to read fun.

Darke brings to the fore the theme of the world needing balance - Magyk and Alchemy, light and darke - as well as potential for redemption. It begins with picking up previous threads, and takes a little while to get them all woven into shape. Well written, full of action and adventure.

Fyre rounds out the tale very satisfactorily, both story and relationships. Well written, full of action, a great end to this part of the story. (to be continued in the forthcoming Todhunter Moon series …)