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Blackout & All Clear by Connie Willis

Blackout & All Clear - Connie Willis

Read by Tiffany:  Follows 3 young historians as they embark on their expeditions to study aspects of WWII. Blackout feels a little fractured with the 3 storylines running parallel, converging only at the end, in a cliff hanger to be continued in All Clear ..

The main characters aren't particularly likeable, especially given they have the astonishing belief that they can live in historical places and not change anything, and hang onto the idea that the Retrievals Team will come for them no matter what, rationalising and re-rationalising why they haven't yet ...

All Clear is an overly long conclusion to the story. It is a little difficult to follow the jumping of times and character pseudonyms of some chapters. The conclusion is all tied neatly together though, and very much conveys the wrench of each historian truly becoming involved with the people and events of the time, rather than feeling like visiting observers.