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Uglies series: Uglies; Pretties; Specials; Extras by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies series: Uglies; Pretties; Specials; Extras - Scott Westerfeld

Read by Tiffany: Well constructed world, and well told story. Tally's indecision seems brief, but she has been brainwashed with pretty propaganda all her life. Good use of technology - hoverboards and bungee jackets, powerjacks and water purifiers. Sweet reveal of the truth of the Pretty operations from David's parents, with a nice twist at the end of who will consent to be the test bunny for the cure ...


Pretties is a great continuation of the story. Well written, good flow. Nice twist with the 2 pill cure. Highly telegraphed next step.


Specials focuses on the 3rd citizen set of Tally's society - the Specials. Solid conclusion to the trilogy, but not amazing or unexpected. Relies on Tally being saved by others with fortuitous timing .. 


Extras is an awesome reboot of the Uglies series, and my favourite of the 4 books. I loved the new characters, the Japanese setting is brilliant, the reputation economy and fame rank superb. Totally resonates when you see more and more people who constantly track re-tweets and facebook likes. Cue dramatic entry of Tally Youngblood.