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Dark Eden by Chris Beckett

Dark Eden - Chris Beckett

Read by Tiffany: Amazing world, lulls you with familiar words for animals (fox, bat, leopard), then describes them chapters later and you realise how alien they are (six limbs, flat eyes, snow leopards throw their voice, forest leopards sing to victims).
Dark Eden is told through 2 main characters primarily (John & Tina), their voices are interesting and others chime in with a chapter here or there, lending other perspectives to the tale.
The group is inculcated by their oral history stories told, retold, acted out, and several times the characters think of how what they are currently doing will be portrayed, and who will be the main character in that story, who will be cheered ..

Interesting language usage, where in place of adverbs they double the adjective (or triple), and emphasise a different one of the repeats (cold cold, smart smart, etc), and since School stopped generations ago, so much knowledge has dwindled and died (lecky trickity, the C, Rayed Yo, Landing Veekle), leaving only the dwindling oral history.