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Unwind by Neal Shusterman

Unwind - Neal Shusterman

Read by Tiffany: Published before The Hunger Games, but very much in a similar vein - dystopian future in which youth are exploited. In the case of Unwind it is for medical resources, and a peace accord between the Right To Life Army and the Choice Brigade.
Interesting and disturbing concept. Nice kink with the concept of 'storking' - a baby can be left on a doorstep, and whoever finds it must keep it .. unless the stork is caught in the act, then they must do so. Plus medical technology has advanced to the point that all the pieces of the 'unwound' retain their memories (to a point) - so a truck driver with a new arm can perform card tricks he couldn't before, a boy with a piece of brain transplanted has a compulsion to head across the country to find the family who had the previous owner unwound. A more straightforward read than The Hunger Games, but very enjoyable.