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Conqueror's Moon by Julian May

Conqueror's Moon - Julian May

Read by Tiffany: It was a little overwhelming for the book to begin with a meeting introducing all the major nobles of the kingdom of Cathra, however if you simply let it flow and don't try to memorise ALL the names and provinces, the story gains speed and weaves its way from there.
Classic fantasy fare of Princes, Kings, stalwart servants, greedy bullies, witches, sibling rivalry, loveless royal marriages .. with a dash of Aurora Borealis powering the strongest magic (and exacting a terrible toll if they deem the request impertinent or frivolous), and telepathy in 'talented' persons..
All up I found it very engaging, with plots and counter-plots twisted nicely .. and the perspectives of the 'barbarians' of Didion, as well as the price of the assistance of the Small Lights, was well introduced, bringing new facets into the reader's judgements of our 'heroes' ..